iSelf-Service meets your self-service business needs

Leverage Ingenico unattended solutions to easily integrate cashless payment in your self-service business

Cut complexity in payment and security

Accept all payment means and comply with the latest standards

Address all self-service market segments: Retail, Hospitality, Petrol, Vending and Transportation

Ingenico's solution for the self-service business

iSelf-Service is a cutting-edge offer rooted in Ingenico's long-standing expertise with today's leaders in self-service solution roll-outs.
It allows easy and secure integration of cashless payment in unattended devices accross all market segments: Retail, Hospitality, Petrol, Vending and Transportation.
Easy to integrate, secure, manage and use, iSelf-Service satisfies the dedicated requirements of all self-service business stakeholders: kiosks manufacturers, integrators, operators, owners and consumers.
iSelf-Service is also fully compatible with Ingenico monitoring, connectivity, security management and cross-channel integration services.

The new iSelf Series facilitates the self-service channel.

Easy to integrate

  • Leverage Telium 2 platform for multichannel payment
  • Leverage Telium development kits API's and unattended protocols
  • Complies with self-service mechanical standards
  • Enables all kiosks cut-outs with a high level of flexibility
  • Improves TCO with upgrade kits for kiosk retrofits

Easy to manage

  • Enables 24/7 availability with Estate Management
  • Empower monitoring capabilities through wireless connectivity
  • VAS-ready
  • Ruggedized & always on

Easy to secure

  • Accepts all payments means in total security
  • Complies with PCI PTS 3.x and EMV certification
  • Eases full kiosk PCI certification
  • Guarantees latest contactless certifications

Easy to use

  • Great fast payment experience
  • User friendly (made for self-service, customer guidance, backlit color display, buzzer)
  • Enhances customer experience: latest payment means (NFC phones and wallets, loyalty cards acceptance)

iSelf Series, unattended payment devices

  • iUP 250

    Intelligent Secure PIN Pad
  • iUR 250

    Hybrid slave card reader
  • iUC 150

    Slave contactless reader
  • iUC 180

    Standalone contactless reader
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